Introducing... Anywhere Fix

Market Gravity and Deloitte embarked on an open innovation initiative called D5. The aim of the work was to spend 5 weeks uncovering the biggest challenges automotive customers face when it comes to car maintenance, and design solutions for those problems.

Car maintenance is a negative, anxiety-inducing experience for most car owners, described as “like going to the Dentist”. There are 37 million cars licensed in the UK alone, that’s a huge market, ripe for innovation.

Over 5 weeks, we spoke with 60 customers, mechanics and dealers across Europe. We immersed ourselves in the stories and experiences of every one of them.

Our plan is to share this work with each and every player in the automotive industry. It’s worth saying these ideas are works in progress, we welcome feedback and our next steps are to find ways of making them real for the benefit of automotive customers across Europe.

The Big Problem

 We heard time and time again that car maintenance - particularly servicing, MOTs and repairs - is ultimately an inconvenience in customers’ lives.


This is particularly true when it comes to using an official Manufacturer Dealership as customers often reported that their dealerships are not conveniently located and the time it takes to get an issue resolved is far too long – this includes long waiting times to book appointments, long waiting times to receive appropriate parts and longer waiting times if they wanted a courtesy car (which often did not fit their car needs).


Introducing… Anywhere Fix

Anywhere Fix revolutionises the car servicing experience, bringing maintenance to the customer and provides ultra-convenience. Car maintenance will finally fit into customers’ busy lives rather than adding to their schedules.  


Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 13.21.10.png

Who loves Anywhere Fix?

We spoke to young drivers, families with children and older motorists - all of them loved Anywhere Fix. It made car maintenance easy and seamless, and more aligned to the experiences they have in other parts of their life, such as food delivery from the likes of Deliveroo and next-day package delivery from the likes of Amazon.


However Anywhere Fix is particularly appealing to parents with children. Convenience is a key priority for parents, they are already low on time, balancing careers and a social life with their children’s lives too. So, when it comes to car maintenance they don’t want to waste more of their precious time thinking about it, arranging appointments or struggling to juggle everything without their car – which one customer described as her “lifeline”.


But, these parents would not sacrifice safety for convenience, therefore the convenience they want is focused on location, ease of booking and the ability to continue life as normal – with speed of resolution being less important. Anywhere Fix is perfect for busy parents as it meets all of those convenience demands without sacrificing safety - and they told us they would be willing to pay more for it.


Anywhere Fix also goes further than others in the market, by not only ensuring that the customers are never without a car, they get the added bonus of testing a car they would love to drive. Anwhyere Fix also allows total personalisation of location and time of pick-up & drop-off, which could be airports and shopping centres!


We were inspired by the likes of ClickMechanic, which connects mobile mechanics to customers, and Jaguar Land Rover which offers pick up and drop off. However, we have proposed an alternative business model focused on potential partnerships with the likes of car hire companies to provide the test drive vehicles and utilising independent garages (as well as dealerships) to fulfil the servicing work so that this can be taken to mass-market rather than just premium car owners.


So what’s in it for car manufacturers?

By offering an ultra-convenient service, car manufacturers can generate additional revenue through a convenience fee and increased genuine part sales. We also heard that customers using the test drive feature are likely to drive cars that they may want to purchase in the future – leading to increased new car sales. Plus going that extra mile for your customers is likely to generate a lot of love and loyalty.

What’s next

Well if you're a car manufacturer or business within the automotive industry, we'd love to make this idea real. It's not perfect, we know that but customers we tested this with LOVED it. So let's make it happen together.

Get in touch to find out more via the contact us page.

Lucy Winship