We spoke to over 60 customers, mechanics and dealers across Europe and this is what we learned.



The D5 Concept

Together, we at Market Gravity and Deloitte, developed D5 to uncover large, systemic industry problems and design the best solutions to address them. Through combining the knowledge of experts, creatives, and actual customers, we create solutions that are as unique as our process. 

The kicker? We do it in just 5 weeks.

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Customer insight

We started by immersing ourselves in the world of car maintenance, service and repairs by speaking to customers, mechanics and dealers across Europe to learn their stories and challenges.


Big ideas

Once we had learnt about customers' problems, we set out to create big ideas to solve them. This involved a number of ideation sessions with proposition, design and automotive experts across Market Gravity & Deloitte


Next, we took our big ideas back to customers for co-creation - they helped us to destroy, stretch and rebuild them to ensure they were truly meeting needs and solving frustrations for them.